Once we decided that we wanted to create a brand that would specifically help to save the rhinos, we knew that the name would have to be one that sticks in people's heads and one that people could understand why we chose it. We ended up going with RHInoHOPE.

The name represents the awful concept that currently there is not a lot of hope for rhinos in Africa and Asia. Poachers only care about collecting their horns for monetary purposes, passing it off as "medicinal." They do not think about the life of the rhino and they do not see them as living creatures. Instead they are seen as money bags that must be killed for their own personal greed.

Our goal is to bring the hope back to the rhinos. That is why the "no" is smaller than the rest of our letters. We want to get rid of the fact that there is no hope. We hope that we will be able to significantly contribute to helping remove these amazing animals from the endangered species list and allow them to be able to roam free in the wild like they should.

We can only bring the rhino's hope back by making people aware of the major poaching problem that is constantly occurring.

By buying our products, you can help to donate to the International Rhino Foundation and in turn, they will be able to use their programs and research to bring about an end to poaching.

By buying a shirt/sticker/bracelet, your help is continuous. Every time you wear it out in public, you are spreading the word to others who may not be aware of this awful situation. This will help us bring awareness and help give the rhino's back hope for survival.

*Photo being used with permission by the photographer*